Who's who

Find out who's on the committee and discover the names of members with special responsibilities.  There's also a photo gallery to help you identify members of the choir by voice part.

If you've not already done so, please send a photo of yourself to Jenny Harris.  If this is difficult, Jenny can arrange to take your photo at a rehearsal.



    Tessa Cox                     


    Sian Rees


    Peter Snelling

Musical Director                    

    Ian Smith

Elected ordinary members  

    Jeremy Hopkinson

    Julia Dickens

    Carol Yirrell

Co-opted members    


Members of the committee are trustees of the charity. Responsibilities are set out in The Essential Trustee.

Special responsibilities

Librarian:   Julia Dickens, Vanessa Skelton

Membership:   Carol Yirrell

Gift Aid:   Eric Benton

Friends:   Yvonne Ashmore

Tickets:   Eleanor Pettigrew

Contracts:   Beverley Thompson

Publicity:   Helen Richards

Press releases:   Sheila Edwards

Letter/email to concert-goers: Jenny Harris

Mailchimp: Jenni Ferrans

Sponsorship:   Vacant

Programme adverts:   Yvonne Ashmore

Website:   Jenny Harris

FaceBook:   Sarah Mazzone, Kate Atalay

Twitter:   Siân Rees

Occasions:   Michael Palmer

Minutes:   Vanessa Skelton

Concert lighting:   Stuart Freake

Graphic design/production:   David Roberts

Data Protection:   Susanne Minocha

Communications sub-committee: Jenny Harris (Chair)

Programming sub-committee: David Roberts (Chair)

Soprano 1


Rebekah Howe

Elisabeth Thorne
Verity Currall
Miriam Rose
Gill Shelvey
Sue Dixon
Imogen Allen
Joanna Wood
Sian Rees
Sarah Gammon
Sharon Cashman
Margot Male
Sarah Mazzone
Pauline Naylor
Miriam Rose
Mary Stares
Kate Atalay
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Soprano 2

Penny Miller
Lizzie Bancroft
Karen Collcott
Celia Snelling
Gina Johnson
Angela Jamieson
Yvonne Ashmore
Vanessa Skelton
Margaret Horton
Judy Barker
Jane Gibbs
Helen Richards
Frances Lawless
Chris Crispus-Jones
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Alto 1

Sue Nicholas
Avril Morris
Lynne Bennett
Karen Harrison
Beverley Thompson
Rosemary Cavanagh
Molly Fitzgerald
June Lockley
Jenny Harris
Hilary Hastings
Heather Wray
Eileen Horton
Carolyn Howell
Carol Yirrell
Barbara Zimmer
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Susanne Minocha

Alto 2

Anna Thomas
Sheila Edwards
Julia Dickens
Tessa Cox
Moira Mackenzie
Maria Breslin
Helen Macario
Helen Allen
Helen Benton
Gerrylynn Roberts
Eleanor Pettigrew
Barbara Titchmarsh
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Tenor 1

Jonathan Haskell
Jenni Ferrans
Anne Gray
Marion Hill
Peter Skelton
Les White
Jeremy Hopkinson
Graham Cavanagh
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Tenor 2

Peter Wade
Stuart Freake
Keith Attenborough
James Whysall
Eric Benton
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Geoff Pettigrew
Jonny Price
Noel Gotts
Peter Snelling
Ralph Mazzone
Simon Soper
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Bass 1

Bass 2

Roger Forsythe
Nick Wood
Michael Powles
Peter Wolfendale
James Allen
Ian Stubbs
Ian Collcott
Euan Henderson
David Roberts
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